WeeChat DevCenter

Version 0.3.7

Version 0.3.7 is available!

As usual, many new features and bug fixes, see ChangeLog for detail.

Important: please read the release notes if you are upgrading to this version (from any other version).

New major features in this release:

  • support of Scheme scripts (new plugin "guile") (see this post)
  • support of Python 3.x (but version 2.x still recommended) (see this post)
  • add "weechat" protocol in relay plugin for remote interfaces, like QWeeChat (see this post)
  • new option irc.color.mirc_remap to remap mirc colors in irc messages
  • new options irc.look.highlight_{server|channel|pv} to customize or disable default nick highlight
  • new option "capabilities" in irc servers (to enable some client capabilities on connection)
  • new option weechat.history.max_buffer_lines_minutes to limit buffer history by time
  • use extended regex in /filter, /ignore and /list
  • add support of flags in regular expressions and highlight options
  • add URL transfer in plugin API (with hook_process) (see this post)
  • add translations in japanese
  • add doc for relay protocol
  • add developer's guide

New options:

  • irc.look.highlight_server
  • irc.look.highlight_channel
  • irc.look.highlight_pv
  • irc.look.mirc_remap
  • irc.server.xxx.capabilities
  • relay.network.allowed_ips
  • relay.network.compression_level
  • weechat.look.scroll_bottom_after_switch
  • weechat.completion.base_word_until_cursor
  • weechat.history.max_buffer_lines_minutes
  • weechat.history.max_buffer_lines_number (old name was weechat.history.max_lines)

New default alias:

  • /umode --> /mode $nick

New keys:

  • alt + "/": jump to last buffer displayed (/input jump_last_buffer_displayed)

Note: to add missing keys, you can use command /key missing