WeeChat DevCenter

Version 1.3

Version 1.3 is available!

As usual, many new features and bug fixes, see ChangeLog for detail.

Important: please read the release notes if you are upgrading to this version (from any other version).

New major features in this release:

  • keep scroll after interactive search in buffer
  • add optional confirmation on /upgrade
  • add signal "signal_sighup"
  • add IRC options irc.color.topic_current, irc.network.channel_encode
  • many bugs fixed.

New options:

  • irc.color.topic_current
  • irc.network.channel_encode
  • weechat.look.confirm_upgrade
  • weechat.look.key_grab_delay

Options changed:

  • script.scripts.dir renamed to script.scripts.path

Keys changed:

  • in search context (ctrl-R):
    • ctrl-R: search text/regex here (at scroll position)
    • ctrl-J / ctrl-M / Enter: stop search here (at scroll position)
    • ctrl-Q: stop search and scroll to bottom of buffer