WeeChat DevCenter

Version 2.9

Version 2.9 is available!

As usual, many new features and bug fixes, see ChangeLog for detail.

New major features in this release:

  • add command "handshake" in weechat relay protocol and nonce to prevent replay attacks during authentication
  • add command "completion" in weechat relay protocol
  • add option relay.network.auth_timeout, add status "waiting_auth" in irc and weechat relay protocols
  • add option "color_bg_inactive" in bars
  • add bar items "buffer_nicklist_count_groups" and "buffer_nicklist_count_all"
  • add key Alt+Enter to insert a newline, set default size for input bar to 0 (automatic)
  • add a scalable WeeChat logo (SVG)
  • add base 16/32/64 encoding/decoding in evaluation of expressions with "base_encode:base,xxx" and "base_decode:base,xxx"
  • add case sensitive wildcard matching comparison operator ("==*" and "!!*") and case sensitive/insensitive include comparison operators ("==-", "!!-", "=-", "!-") in evaluation of expressions
  • add keys Alt+Shift+B and Alt+Shift+N to toggle buflist/nicklist bars
  • reload configuration files when the SIGHUP signal is received
  • add API functions to complete words in command line
  • evaluate option buflist.look.sort
  • add support of "UTF8MAPPING" in IRC server
  • display IRC "account" messages in buffers
  • evaluate arguments when a trigger of type "command" is created
  • enable again command "/guile eval"
  • fix slow send of data to relay clients when SSL is enabled
  • add CI with GitHub Actions
  • run tests on plugins only if the plugins are enabled and compiled
  • GnuTLS is now a required dependency
  • disable build of JavaScript plugin by default, remove Debian package "weechat-javascript"
  • many bugs fixed.

New options:

  • irc.color.message_account
  • irc.look.smart_filter_account
  • relay.network.auth_timeout
  • relay.network.nonce_size
  • relay.network.password_hash_algo
  • relay.network.password_hash_iterations
  • weechat.bar.xxx.color_bg_inactive (one color per bar)

New keys:

  • Alt+Enter: insert a newline
  • Alt+Shift+B: toggle buflist
  • Alt+Shift+N: toggle nicklist bar