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New version of script buffers.pl

Script buffers.pl has been improved. Now you can hide categories, and there's color for lines according to hotlist (activity on buffers). There's new config options, you can set with /set command:

Hide categories:

  • /set plugins.var.perl.buffers.show_category off

Change colors (replace "color" by your color, which may be "fg" or "fg,bg"):

  • /set plugins.var.perl.buffers.color_number color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.buffers.color_slash color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.buffers.color_hotlist_low color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.buffers.color_hotlist_message color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.buffers.color_hotlist_private color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.buffers.color_hotlist_highlight color

A screenshot is better than long speech: weechat_bar_buffers_2008-09-02.png

Updated on 2017-05-13: the script is now obsolete, replaced by the builtin buflist plugin, introduced in version 1.8.