WeeChat DevCenter

Sunday, May 6 2018

New design for weechat.org

The WeeChat site weechat.org has been improved with many changes. It is now fully responsive, using Bootstrap toolkit.

Hope you enjoy the new site!

The history of weechat.org in images: click on each screenshot for full-size.

  • In 2009, for the major release 0.3.0 of WeeChat, the site was rewritten in Python using Django (it was initially written PHP):


  • In 2013, for the 10th birthday of WeeChat, a new logo was introduced (it is still used today), and the design of site was improved:


  • In 2018, for the 15th birthday of WeeChat, the site becomes responsive, using Bootstrap toolkit:


Sunday, May 3 2015

Ubuntu repositories

Starting from today, 8 new chroots have been added for automatic builds of weechat-devel on Ubuntu (and some manual builds of stable version).

Here's the full list of repositories (amd64/i386 for Debian/Ubuntu, armhf for Raspbian):

  • Debian sid (unstable): devel
  • Debian stretch (testing): devel
  • Debian jessie (stable): devel + 1.1.1
  • Debian wheezy (oldstable): devel + 1.1.1
  • Debian squeeze (oldoldstable): devel + 1.1.1
  • Ubuntu vivid (15.04) (new): devel
  • Ubuntu utopic (14.10) (new): devel + 1.1.1
  • Ubuntu trusty (14.04) (new): devel + 1.1.1
  • Ubuntu precise (12.04) (new): devel + 1.1.1
  • Raspbian wheezy (oldstable): devel + 1.1.1

Repositories are visible on: https://weechat.org/download/debian/

Friday, March 28 2014

Source code of weechat.org

The source code of weechat.org is now available on GitHub: https://github.com/weechat/weechat.org.

It is written in Python and uses Django, and gettext for translations.

Designers, Python/Django developers and especially translators are welcome!