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Sunday, May 3 2015

Ubuntu repositories

Starting from today, 8 new chroots have been added for automatic builds of weechat-devel on Ubuntu (and some manual builds of stable version).

Here's the full list of repositories (amd64/i386 for Debian/Ubuntu, armhf for Raspbian):

  • Debian sid (unstable): devel
  • Debian stretch (testing): devel
  • Debian jessie (stable): devel + 1.1.1
  • Debian wheezy (oldstable): devel + 1.1.1
  • Debian squeeze (oldoldstable): devel + 1.1.1
  • Ubuntu vivid (15.04) (new): devel
  • Ubuntu utopic (14.10) (new): devel + 1.1.1
  • Ubuntu trusty (14.04) (new): devel + 1.1.1
  • Ubuntu precise (12.04) (new): devel + 1.1.1
  • Raspbian wheezy (oldstable): devel + 1.1.1

Repositories are visible on: https://weechat.org/download/debian/

Monday, March 3 2014

Git repositories moved to GitHub

WeeChat git repositories (weechat, scripts, qweechat) have been moved to GitHub, in WeeChat organization: http://github.com/weechat.
The git repositories on savannah are not updated any more (and will be removed in near future).

The GitHub issue tracker can now be used to report bugs and ask for feature requests.
If the bug/task already exists in Savannah, you can complete/discuss it on Savannah, no need to open a new one on GitHub.

Pull requests are welcome in all repositories, including scripts (except for adding a script, the form on weechat.org must be used).

A page with examples of triggers has been added in weechat wiki.

Wednesday, February 13 2013

Debian/Raspbian repositories

A Raspbian repository has been added for Raspberry Pi (thanks to Nils G. for building the packages every night).

The existing Debian repositories are being moved from flashtux.org to weechat.org, like the new Raspbian one. Repositories on weechat.org are already available, therefore it is recommended to use them now.

IMPORTANT: the WeeChat packages on debian.flashtux.org are still built every night, but they will be definitely removed on 2013-03-01.

A new section has been added on download page with a summary of all repositories: https://weechat.org/download/debian/.