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Monday, March 3 2014

Git repositories moved to GitHub

WeeChat git repositories (weechat, scripts, qweechat) have been moved to GitHub, in WeeChat organization: http://github.com/weechat.
The git repositories on savannah are not updated any more (and will be removed in near future).

The GitHub issue tracker can now be used to report bugs and ask for feature requests.
If the bug/task already exists in Savannah, you can complete/discuss it on Savannah, no need to open a new one on GitHub.

Pull requests are welcome in all repositories, including scripts (except for adding a script, the form on weechat.org must be used).

A page with examples of triggers has been added in weechat wiki.

Wednesday, December 19 2012

Git version in build

The git version (output of "git describe") has been added to WeeChat build. This version is displayed in /version (or /v), and is returned in IRC CTCP ("version" and "finger").

Note: the git version is set only when building a development version (not a stable release).

This is useful if you help people and want to know the exact version.



Sunday, March 25 2012

4000 commits

I just made the 4000th commit for WeeChat, which is also the 600th commit for the past 12 months!

Commits by range: month: 56 year: 600 total: 4000

New page with statistics about Git repositories (core and scripts): https://weechat.org/dev/stats/

Sunday, October 26 2008

Git branch protocols merged to master

Git branch "protocols" has been merged to "master".

If you're using protocols branch, you should switch back to master branch now, using following commands:

git checkout master
git pull
git remote prune origin