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New version of script iset.pl

Script iset.pl has been improved. Now you can setup colors for option names, types and values. And null values are displayed with different color (for IRC server options). There's new config options, you can set with /set command:

  • /set plugins.var.perl.iset.colorbgselected color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.iset.color_option color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.iset.coloroptionselected color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.iset.color_type color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.iset.colortypeselected color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.iset.color_value color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.iset.colorvalueselected color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.iset.colorvalueundef color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.iset.colorvalueundef_selected color

A screenshot is better than long speech: weechat_iset_2009-01-04.png

Updated on 2017-06-26: the script is now obsolete, replaced by the builtin fset plugin.


1. On Thursday, January 15 2009, 19:47 by Matze


downloaded this script and put it into .weechat/perl/autoload/

and get the following error while starting up weechat

Perl error: Bareword "weechat::WEECHAT_RC_OK" not allowed while "strict subs" in use at (eval 2) line 98.



2. On Friday, January 16 2009, 12:55 by FlashCode

Probably you're not using devel version: API has changed and is not compatible with previous releases.

3. On Friday, January 16 2009, 14:08 by Matze

Thanks for the answer.

Thought that also, and tried the devel-version.

Now it works :)

Thanks for the good work! :)

Maybe you could help me with one thing.

I would love to set up different highlight-pattern, so that people could talk to me with different way of writing my nick, and i would love to see this than.
Searched for the help, but there is nothing in it.

So, please, where could i set highlights?
Highlight for matze,maze,,matse and so on..


4. On Friday, January 16 2009, 14:36 by Matze

Another Question..

Meta-Key is alt..as far as i know

what is meta2-key?


5. On Friday, January 16 2009, 17:40 by FlashCode

With devel version: /set weechat.look.highlight "matse*"
meta2 is a code returned by some keys (like F1-F12). To find code for a key, use alt+k, then press key. This will insert its code in input line.
Btw, please use IRC channel or forum for questions about WeeChat, I'll answer faster than with comments here ;)