WeeChat DevCenter

Version 0.3.8

Version 0.3.8 is available!

As usual, many new features and bug fixes, see ChangeLog for detail.

Important: please read the release notes if you are upgrading to this version (from any other version).

New major features in this release:

  • add terminal "bracketed paste mode" (see this post)
  • add IRC "external" SASL mechanism
  • improve parsing of IRC channel modes (do not send extra command "MODE" to server)
  • follow symbolic links for configuration files (*.conf)
  • new option weechat.look.prefix_same_nick (hide same prefix for multiple consecutive messages from same nick)
  • add colors for backlog lines
  • redirect IRC messages from clients to hide output (relay plugin, IRC protocol)
  • add a connection timeout for child process in hook_connect
  • fix display bugs and crashs with small windows
  • fix truncated configuration files (zero-length) after system crash

New options:

  • logger.color.backlog_line
  • logger.color.backlog_end
  • weechat.look.paste_bracketed
  • weechat.look.paste_bracketed_timer_delay
  • weechat.look.prefix_same_nick
  • weechat.network.connection_timeout

Options changed:

  • weechat.look.prefix_align_more (from boolean to string)
  • weechat.look.prefix_buffer_align_more (from boolean to string)

New keys:

  • meta2-200~ = "/input paste_start" (start of bracketed paste)
  • meta2-201~ = "/input paste_stop" (end of bracketed paste)

Note: to add missing keys, you can use command /key missing