WeeChat DevCenter

Dynamic nick prefix/suffix

The prefix and suffix for nicks are now dynamic and not specific to irc plugin.

IRC options have been moved to core:

  • irc.look.nick_prefix moved to weechat.look.nick_prefix
  • irc.look.nick_suffix moved to weechat.look.nick_suffix
  • irc.color.nick_prefix moved to weechat.color.chat_nick_prefix
  • irc.color.nick_suffix moved to weechat.color.chat_nick_suffix

The prefix/suffix and colors are now applied on messages already displayed (because they are not stored any more in prefix of lines).

Two options have been added in logger plugin, to use a prefix/suffix for nicks (optional, empty by default):

  • logger.file.nick_prefix
  • logger.file.nick_suffix

You can find more information in release notes.