WeeChat DevCenter

Version 1.9

Version 1.9 is available!

As usual, many new features and bug fixes, see ChangeLog for detail.

New major features in this release:

  • improve speed of nicklist bar item callback
  • add auto scroll of buflist bar with new option buflist.look.auto_scroll
  • add option buflist.format.name
  • add variables ${format_name}, ${current_buffer} and ${merged} in buflist
  • display a warning in buflist when the script buffers.pl is loaded
  • add server/channel pointers in trigger IRC callbacks
  • add API functions config_option_get_string and hdata_compare
  • fix bind of Space key
  • many bugs fixed.

New options:

  • buflist.format.name
  • buflist.look.auto_scroll

New keys:

  • F1/F2: scroll buflist bar