WeeChat DevCenter

Version 3.8

Version 3.8 is available!

As usual, many new features and bug fixes, see ChangeLog for detail.

New major features in this release:

  • add option weechat.look.chat_space_right
  • allow value "0" in buffer property "unread" to remove read marker from buffer
  • add command /allbuf
  • add command /hotlist
  • move some /input actions to commands /allbuf, /buffer and /hotlist
  • improve case convert and insensitive char comparisons
  • add color attributes "blink" and "dim" (half bright)
  • allow command /toggle to create option before setting the value, if allowed in the section
  • add signals "buffer_user_input_xxx" and "buffer_user_closing_xxx" for buffers created with /buffer add
  • add identifier in buffer lines
  • add option "unicode" in command /debug
  • add Curl options for versions 7.64.0 to 7.87.0
  • add API functions string_strcmp and string_strncmp
  • rename char comparison API functions "utf8_char*" to "string_char*"
  • return arithmetic difference between chars in API functions string_charcmp, string_charcasecmp, string_charcasecmp_range, string_strcasecmp, string_strcasecmp_range, string_strncasecmp, string_strncasecmp_range, string_strcmp_ignore_chars
  • return newly allocated string in API functions string_tolower and string_toupper
  • add API function utf8_strncpy
  • add trigger regex command "y" to translate chars, set default regex command to "s" (regex replace)
  • many bugs fixed.

New commands:

  • /allbuf
  • /hotlist

New options:

  • weechat.look.chat_space_right