WeeChat DevCenter

Live streaming: 20th anniversary and release of v4.0.0

On June 26th, 2023, WeeChat will turn 20!

Project started on June 26th, 2003. It has grew a lot over time, thanks to contributions and ideas from a lot of users.

Today, WeeChat has:

  • 286.778 lines of code
  • 179.994 lines of documentation
  • 12.146 commits
  • 85 versions released: 69 major, 16 patch
  • 297 feature requests open
  • 91 bugs open
  • 170 contributors — thank you all! ♥

To celebrate the 20th anniversary and the release of the next major version, a live streaming is organized on Saturday, June 24th, 7pm UTC.
Around the world: San Francisco: 12pm – Montreal: 3pm – Paris: 9pm – Tokyo: 4am (June, 25th) – Sydney: 5am (June, 25th).

URL: https://youtube.com/live/EtzdpXFEcO0

Agenda of this live session, in English and recorded:

  • History of the project
  • Demo of the new features in 4.0.0
  • Live release of 4.0.0
  • The future of WeeChat

During the live, you can ask questions or react either in youtube or in channel #weechat-live (irc.libera.chat).

I look forward to seeing many of you there!