WeeChat DevCenter

Version 4.0.4

Version 4.0.4 is available, it fixes the following bugs:

  • fix integer overflow when setting integer option with ++N or --N
  • fix increment/decrement of options weechat.notify.*
  • add missing tags on multiline IRC messages
  • fix redirection of IRC command /list when the reply doesn't start with message 321 (start of /list)
  • fix wrong time displayed for IRC CTCP messages received from self nick
  • remove trailing empty line in display of backlog (logger plugin)
  • fix display of non-ASCII chars after load of a script with Perl >= 5.38
  • adjust scroll after command /script go N
  • fix function string_parse_size on 32-bit systems (python and ruby)
  • fix conversion of string to IPv4 on 32-bit systems in xfer plugin
  • fix tests on function irc_join_compare_join_channel
  • fix tests of functions print_date_tag, print_y_date_tags and hook_timer on 32-bit systems