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Saturday, March 18 2023

Key bindings improvements, case sensitive identifiers, semantic versioning

Major changes are coming in the next WeeChat version, bumped to 4.0.0 (instead of 3.9, as planned initially).

Some breaking changes:

  1. key bindings improvements: using names instead of raw codes (eg: meta-left instead of meta2-1;3D)
  2. many identifiers have been made case sensitive, including commands, aliases and options
  3. build with autotools has been removed, only CMake can now be used to compile WeeChat.

There are other changes, see the ChangeLog.
Note that this version is under development and your feedback is welcome!
Please read carefully the release notes if you're testing it: Release Notes.

Cherry on the cake: WeeChat is now following a "practical" semantic versioning, a less strict version of https://semver.org/.

For more information on all major/breaking changes, see the specifications: https://specs.weechat.org/

Friday, April 24 2009

Easy switch between two buffers

A new feature has been added recently to easily switch to another buffer, then come back to current one.
For example if you are on buffer #2, you press Alt+1 twice: you'll come back to buffer #2.

This new feature can be disabled, if you think old behaviour was better (really?):

/set weechat.look.jump_current_to_previous_buffer off