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Sunday, March 17 2013

Multiple layouts

Support of multiple layouts has been added.

The command /layout now supports a name for actions save/apply/reset.

New options have been added:

  • leave: leave current layout (it will not update any layout)
  • rename: rename a layout

The output of /layout has been improved, especially the tree of windows:

Saved layouts:
    1. core.weechat
    1. irc.server.local
    2. irc.local.#test
    3. irc.local.#test2
  desktop (current layout):
    1. core.weechat
    1. irc.server.local
    2. irc.local.#test
    3. irc.local.#test2
    \== 40% (splith)
      |-- irc.local.#test
      |== 50% (splitv)
        |-- irc.server.local
        |-- irc.local.#test2

Saturday, August 6 2011

New features for layout

The layout has improved, here is the list of new features and a bug fixed:

  • merged buffers are now supported in layout: WeeChat will auto merge buffers when they are opened and on /layout apply
  • the layout for windows and buffers is automatically restored after /upgrade (not the layout saved, but the layout you had immediately before doing /upgrade)
  • an old bug was causing bad order of buffers when connecting to many servers at same time, and then /layout apply was required after starting WeeChat


Thursday, October 2 2008

Save and restore layout

New command /layout has been added and a new option weechat.look.save_layout_on_exit. WeeChat now saves layout (windows layout and order of buffers). With /layout command, you can show saved layout, apply layout, and save layout for windows and/or buffers.

Windows layout is position of windows (including size), and buffer displayed in windows (plugin and buffer name).
Buffers layout is order of buffers, ie numbers assigned to buffers.