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Help of commands improved

The list of commands in /help commands has been improved.

By default it's now a short list (only names of commands), and long list is possible with option -listfull. Moreover, it is possible to list commands for one plugin (or core) only.

Example of short list for irc plugin: /help -list irc

  admin      deop       join       mode       part       samode     stats      voice
  allchan    devoice    kick       motd       ping       sanick     summon     wallchops
  allserv    die        kickban    msg        pong       sapart     time       wallops
  ban        disconnect kill       names      query      saquit     topic      who
  connect    halfop     links      nick       quote      server     trace      whois
  ctcp       ignore     list       notice     reconnect  service    unban      whowas
  cycle      info       lusers     notify     rehash     servlist   userhost
  dcc        invite     map        op         restart    squery     users
  dehalfop   ison       me         oper       sajoin     squit      version

Example of long list for core commands: /help -listfull irc

  admin - find information about the administrator of the server
  allchan - execute a command on all channels of all connected servers
  allserv - execute a command on all connected servers
  ban - ban nicks or hosts
  connect - connect to IRC server(s)
  ctcp - send a CTCP message (Client-To-Client Protocol)
  cycle - leave and rejoin a channel
  dcc - start a DCC (file transfer or direct chat)
  dehalfop - remove channel half-operator status from nick(s)
  deop - remove channel operator status from nick(s)
  devoice - remove voice from nick(s)

Moreover, display of command arguments in /help <command> has been improved.

Old version: /help server

[irc]  /server  [list [servername]] | [listfull [servername]] | [add servername hostname[/port] [-temp] ...

New version: /help server

[irc]  /server  list|listfull [<server>]
                add <server> <hostname>[/<port>] [-temp] [-<option>[=<value>]] [-no<option>]
                copy|rename <server> <new_name>
                del|keep <server>