WeeChat DevCenter

Version 1.0

Yay, version 1.0 is available!

As usual, many new features and bug fixes, see ChangeLog for detail.

Important: please read the release notes if you are upgrading to this version (from any other version).

New major features in this release:

  • plugin "trigger": Swiss Army knife for WeeChat (replaces "rmodifier" plugin) (see this post)
  • plugin "exec": execute external commands (replaces script "shell.py") (see this post)
  • bare display: easy click on long URLs and text selection with mouse (see this post)
  • support of environment variables in /set command
  • hidden buffers
  • negated tags in filters
  • toggle of filters in specific buffers
  • flexible conditions for adding/removing buffers in hotlist
  • text search in buffers with free content
  • support of wildcard "*" inside masks
  • support of nested variables in evaluated expressions
  • tag with host in IRC messages displayed
  • support of "away-notify" IRC capability
  • IRC commands: /allpv, /remove, /unquiet
  • bar items: buffer_short_name, irc_nick_modes
  • unit tests

New options:

  • irc.color.item_nick_modes
  • irc.look.join_auto_add_chantype
  • relay.network.clients_purge_delay
  • weechat.color.status_nicklist_count
  • weechat.look.bare_display_exit_on_input
  • weechat.look.bare_display_time_format
  • weechat.look.hotlist_add_conditions (replaces weechat.look.hotlist_add_buffer_if_away)
  • weechat.look.hotlist_remove

Options changed:

  • irc.look.item_channel_modes_hide_key renamed to irc.look.item_channel_modes_hide_args

New keys:

  • Alt+"-": toggle filters in current buffer
  • Alt+l (L): bare display
  • Alt+j, Alt+f: jump to first buffer