WeeChat DevCenter

Version 3.1

Version 3.1 is available!

As usual, many new features and bug fixes, see ChangeLog for detail.

New major features in this release:

  • add options weechat.look.hotlist_update_on_buffer_switch and weechat.look.read_marker_update_on_buffer_switch
  • add option sec.crypt.passphrase_command to read passphrase from an external program on startup, remove option sec.crypt.passphrase_file
  • improve debug in command /eval
  • add options "setvar" and "delvar" in command /buffer, rename option "localvar" to "listvar"
  • add buffer local variable "completion_default_template" (evaluated) to override the value of option weechat.completion.default_template
  • add option "recreate" in command /filter
  • add raw string in evaluation of expressions with "raw:xxx"
  • add evaluation of conditions in evaluation of expressions with "eval_cond:xxx"
  • add info_hashtable "secured_data"
  • add info "irc_is_message_ignored"
  • add IRC server option "default_chantypes", used when the server does not send them in message 005
  • add variable ${tg_trigger_name} in command trigger evaluated strings
  • many bugs fixed.

New options:

  • buflist.look.use_items
  • irc.server.xxx.default_chantypes
  • sec.crypt.passphrase_command
  • weechat.look.hotlist_update_on_buffer_switch
  • weechat.look.read_marker_update_on_buffer_switch

Options removed:

  • sec.crypt.passphrase_file (replaced by sec.crypt.passphrase_command)