WeeChat DevCenter

IRC channels moved to libera.chat

Due to the recent events affecting freenode (see references below), the WeeChat official and unofficial channels have moved from freenode to libera.chat:

  • official channels: #weechat, #weechat-fr
  • non-official channels: #weechat-de, #weechat-fi
  • off-topic channel: #weechat-offtopic

To add a new libera server and connect to it, joining only the English support channel:

/server add libera irc.libera.chat/6697 -ssl -autojoin=#weechat
/connect libera

To join the French channel as well:

/server add libera irc.libera.chat/6697 -ssl -autojoin=#weechat,#weechat-fr
/connect libera

If all your freenode channels have moved to libera, you can also rename the server and change the address:

/disconnect freenode
/server rename freenode libera
/set irc.server.libera.addresses "irc.libera.chat/6697"
/set irc.server.libera.ssl on
/connect libera

See you soon on libera!