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Wednesday, December 11 2013

Auto renumber of buffers

Auto renumber of buffers can now be disabled.

Two options have been added:

  • weechat.look.buffer_auto_renumber
  • weechat.look.buffer_position

A bar item has beed added as well:

  • buffer_last_number

When auto renumber is disabled, gaps between buffer numbers are allowed and the first buffer can have a number greater than 1.

Following options for command /buffer are affected when auto renumber is off:

  • move:
    • the current number will be left free for use, and the target number can be any number >= 1 (possibly higher than the current last buffer number)
    • the value can be "-" (which moves the buffer to number 1) or "+" (which moves the buffer to the end, ie last number + 1)
  • swap:
    • now the buffers are swapped in the list without being "moved"
  • (+/-)N:
    • it is now working with gaps in buffer numbers
  • merge:
    • it can now merge a group of merged buffers into another buffer (or buffers merged themselves)