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Friday, April 15 2011

Options for aspell spellers

An "option" section has been added to aspell.conf file, to set options for aspell speller.

A commonly used option is "ignore-case" to ignore case in speller. To enable it, just do:

/set aspell.option.ignore-case "true"

For a list of aspell options, do in your shell:

aspell config

Saturday, October 18 2008

Aspell plugin is born again

New aspell plugin is available!

Plugin as now its own configuration file, called aspell.conf. Options can be set with /set command. List of options with default value:

  • aspell.look.color = lightred
  • aspell.check.commands = "ame,amsg,away,command,cycle,kick,kickban,me,msg,notice,part,query,quit,topic"
  • aspell.check.default_dict = ""
  • aspell.check.word_min_length = 2

You can enable aspell for all buffers with default dictionary (or list of dictionaries), with command: /set aspell.check.default_dict "en,fr"

To enable a specific language on a buffer, use: /aspell enable fr
If you speak both english and german (often english, less german), use: /aspell enable en,de