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Monday, June 26 2017

Fset plugin

A new plugin called "fset" (Fast Set) has been added: a built-in and highly customizable replacement for the script iset.pl, with tons of new features!

It has the same features as iset.pl:

  • list options in a dedicated buffer
  • filter options by file, section, name, value or changed options
  • all colors can be customized
  • bar with help on currently selected option
  • different color for values changed
  • display of inherited values
  • keys and input to toggle, add/sub, set, reset and unset options
  • mouse actions on buffer.

And it comes with many new features:

  • flexible format using evaluated expression and automatic size for columns
  • options can be displayed on multiple lines
  • integrated with /set command, using conditions (option fset.look.conditioncatchset)
  • advanced filtering: by type, by changed value (filter on name or value), and using an evaluated condition
  • sort of options (fset.look.sort)
  • append to value
  • mark of options, group actions
  • export of options in a file.

Screenshot (click for full size):