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Thursday, January 9 2014

CRC32 and IPv6 in xfer plugin

CRC32 and IPv6 are now supported in xfer plugin!

For CRC32, a new option has been added:

  • xfer.file.auto_check_crc32 (boolean, off by default): when enabled, if the filename has a CRC32 (8 hexadecimal chars with delimiters around), the CRC32 of file content is checked and the result is displayed in xfer buffer (with error in core buffer if the CRC32 is wrong).

For IPv6, everything is automatic; it works for DCC file and chat.

Note for C plugin developers: the function "weechat_network_connect_to" has been modified to be used with IPv6. See the plugin API reference for more info.

A big thanks to Andrew Potter for the patches!


Tuesday, May 6 2008

Xfer plugin

A new "xfer" plugin has been added. It replaces old IRC DCC code.
This plugin is called by IRC plugin to initiate direct chat and file transfer (still by /dcc command). In future, it may be used by other plugins. Moreover, new protocols can be easily added to xfer plugin, if other plugins need that.