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IRC CTCP replies

It is now possible to customize CTCP replies, or block some CTCP queries (do not reply).

For example, to customize reply to CTCP "VERSION", use following command:

/set irc.ctcp.version "I'm running WeeChat $version, it rocks!"

If you want to block CTCP "VERSION" (do not reply to a query), then set empty string:

/set irc.ctcp.version ""

Even unknown CTCP can be customized, for example you can reply to CTCP "BLABLA":

/set irc.ctcp.blabla "This is my answer to CTCP BLABLA"

It is possible to customize CTCP for one server only, using its internal name before CTCP name:

/set irc.ctcp.freenode.version "WeeChat $version (for freenode)"

If you want to restore standard CTCP reply, then remove option:

/unset irc.ctcp.version

Some codes are automatically expanded by WeeChat when replying to CTCP, please read documentation for more information (User's guide, chapter: Plugins / IRC plugin / CTCP replies).


1. On Tuesday, December 29 2009, 12:06 by drubin

Some people aren't 100% clear on this. These settings aren't in weechat by default you need to add them.

And a link to the chapter is here http://www.weechat.org/files/doc/de...

2. On Monday, June 7 2010, 08:34 by spiralofhope

I agree with drubin, the docs and this post are vague at best. The commands do nothing on a default setup.