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Monday, February 10 2014

Trigger plugin

A new plugin called "trigger" has been added.

This plugin can hook many things:

  • signal
  • hsignal
  • modifier
  • print
  • command
  • command_run
  • timer
  • config
  • focus

When the callback is called, trigger can:

  • check some conditions (to execute the trigger or not), which are evaluated (see /help eval)
  • replace some text using regular expression(s)
  • execute command(s)
  • have a custom return code.

Example of things you can do with trigger:

  • notification, for example beep on highlight/private message (it can replace script beep.pl or other scripts)
  • hide passwords in commands/messages (it will replace rmodifier plugin)
  • change content of messages displayed
  • change things displayed (nicklist, ...) when terminal becomes small
  • regularly save config files (with a timer)
  • ...

Help is available with /help trigger.

Some examples of triggers can be found on GitHub WeeChat wiki.

Saturday, August 17 2013

Search with regex and text emphasis

When searching text in buffer (with ctrl-R), the matching text in lines is now emphasized, even if there are color codes in the line.

The search has been improved: it is now possible to search with a regular expression, and select where to search: in messages (default), prefixes or prefixes+messages.

The default key for search is still ctrl+R and keys have been added/changed in the search context:

  • ctrl-R: switch search type: string/regex
  • alt-c: switch exact case for search
  • tab: switch search in messages/prefixes

The new search prompt in input bar looks like this: [Search (~ str,msg)]

Short description of content:

  • ~: case insensitive search (default)
  • ==: case sensitive search
  • str: search string (default)
  • regex: search regular expression
  • msg: search in messages (default)
  • pre: search in prefixes
  • pre|msg: search in prefixes and messages

Happy search!


Wednesday, June 15 2011

Highlight with regex in specific buffers

A local variable "highlight_regex" has been added in buffers.

It is recommended to use script buffer_autoset.py to set it, so that it's saved and set at any time when buffer is created.

However, it's still possible to set it manually (for testing) with command: /buffer set highlight_regex XXX.

For example, to highlight all messages on server freenode, channel #test:

/autosetbuffer add irc.freenode.#test highlight_regex .*